SHEDA Roadshow 2012

@ Set-up done !! Ready for roadshow on 9th - 11th November 2012

@ REady !! Go !!

@ Speech by Datuk Sebastian Ting for SHEDA Home & Property Road Show Launching Ceremony.

Niah Jaya Official Launching Ceremony on 24.10.12 A Success


Preparations and setup for the event at Dewan Sepupok, Niah




A group of Kompang players were performing at the main entrance to welcome our guests

Niah Jaya Official Launching Ceremony on 24.10.2012



 Niah is begininng to develop into a business township 


Property Roadshow A Success

Preparation for the roadshow 

Part of our booth set up

All ready and prepared for the roadshow

During the roadshow 

Green Edge Phase 2 Billboard Location


Our Green Edge Phase II billboard can be seen along the Miri-Kuala Baram highway at Lutong. You can see it standing majestically on the Jalan Cendawan Road just after Life Methodist Church.  

Location for Roadside Buntings & Billboard

Our Green Imperiale Billboard can be seen along the Pujut highway. Do feel free to make appointment with us to view our show house at Pujut 1B!





Please do feel free to drop by our booth at Boulevard Shopping Mall on the 6th and 7th October 2012!! 

Our banner can already be seen up at the entrance of Boulevard Mall. 

Early Bird Privileges for Buyers



Niah Jaya is our latest project selling a total of 63 units 2-storey commercial lots at Niah. The shophouses can be seen along the Miri-Bintulu coastal highway, located just beside SK Chin Nam. The shophouses can be seen on both side of the highway facing each other, comprising of 10 units shoplot as well as Nam Leong Supermarket on one side and 53 unit shoplot together with a food court on the other side.      

Billboards Placement


You will definitely not missed out on our billboard which can be seen along the Miri-Bintulu

coastal highway.


Another billboard can be seen on Nam Leong supermarket in Niah town. 

Happy 55th Independence Day to All Malaysians!




55 years ago, Malaysia achieved its independence, amidst great joy and memorable celebrations. Malaysia is a country with various different cultures and lifestyles. However, until today, we Malaysians are still living happily under one roof and that is the spirit we are talking about on this special 55th Merdeka Day!