Niah Jaya Official Launching Ceremony on 24.10.2012



 Niah is begininng to develop into a business township 


Bank facilities are already available in the town



Supermarket is also available in the town


The local residents as well as passersby can easily shop for groceries 


Petrol stations will be available in the town. Therefore, local residents and passersby will never have to worry about the problem of running out of fuel. 


Niah Jaya will be offcially launched on 24.10.2012. YB Rosey Binti Yunus, Menteri Muda Pendidik Awal Kanak-Kanak dan Pembangunan Keluarga will be performing the Niah Jaya launching ceremony on site.

Local public figures such as Kapitan, penghulu, Temenggong and councilor members of Niah are invited to witness the official site launching ceremony and then proceed to Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony which will take place in Dewan Sepupok.