About Us



“To Deliver Value In All We Do”



  • To maximize the interests of all stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders, and the community) as our highest objective.
  • To provide superior customer service and satisfy customer needs through a culture of excellence.
  • To be a caring and responsible employer.
  • To be mindful of our social responsibilities.



  • Think Positively
  • Plan Prudently
  • Act Proactively



V A L U E S”


V isionary

  • We have a clear vision of our goals.
  • We pursue lasting performance and sustainability through continual improvement, innovation and embracing changes.
  • We strive to bring positive impact to our stakeholders.


A ccountability

  • We take ownership – taking initiative and doing what is right for the company.
  • We accept responsibility for results.
  • We are committed to delivering on our promises.


L eadership

  • We are all leaders in our area of expertise, committed to delivering results.
  • We lead by example.
  • We strive to be the best in what we do.


U nity

  • We strive to provide a conducive working environment and treat one another with respect and dignity.
  • We put common goals of the company first by trusting and working with one another.
  • We believe in achieving more through teamwork, effective communication and resource sharing.


E xcellence

  • We pursue growth, learning and continual improvement.
  • We achieve quality and operational excellence by striving to ‘getting it right the first time’.
  • We adapt to changes and accept the challenges decisively and swiftly.



S ervice-Oriented

  • We strive to serve our customers promptly and thoroughly.
  • We believe exceptional service is the foundation of longstanding customer relationships.
  • We are committed to being sensitive to our people, our customers, and the communities in which we have a significant presence.



Green Summit Development Sdn Bhd (GSDEVP) operates on strong core values that are fundamental to the way our business is conducted. Besides ensuring that quality homes are designed and built, GSDEVP’s properties are built with dedicated values, quality workmanship and good customer support and services, ensuring and providing our expertise in every project.